Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA
January 22-24, 2025

AIFD "Wow" Plant Design Presentations


Award-winning American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) will create inspiring plant designs throughout each day of the show to inspire, inform, and "WOW" attendees. 

All presentations take place at the Create Theater, located on the trade show floor, Aisle 800. 

Admission is included in your trade show badge. 

Derek Woodruff AIFD

Using Nature to Create Art!

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024

In this demonstrative program, learn how to marry together the most popular trends in the plant and floral industries. Combining all of the elements produced by nature, in any form, can be easier than you think. These natural pieces of art are appropriate for a variety of indoor spaces and are proven to reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing.

Derek Woodruff AIFD is an award-winning designer from Michigan. His extensive background in the floral & plant industry for the past 23 years includes greenhouse work, weddings and events, residential and commercial floral design, and trend consulting. Currently the owner of Floral Underground, a boutique florist in Traverse City, Michigan, Woodruff engages today’s consumers through demonstrations, subscription services, and hands-on workshops.

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Jackie Lacey AIFD

Imagination Put to Use in Design

1:30 - 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 17, 2024

What is floral Imagination? Thinking out of the box, exploring new avenues for displaying plants is something that will intrigue your customers and lead them to your establishments.

With her award-winning floral design knowledge and marketing experience, Loann Burke AIFD AAF PFCI will share new ideas that will be inspiring and give you the WOW!

Burke is an award-winning floral designer and event specialist with Furst Florist in Dayton, Ohio with over 35 years in the floral industry. A highly sought-after speaker and designer, she shares her passion for flowers through inspirational design seminars, product demonstrations and hands-on workshops around the globe. Burke won the grand prize in the Sylvia Cup Design Competition, represented the United States in the World Floral Competition in France and currently serves as Design Director for Smithers Oasis.

Burke holds a Bachelor's degree in horticulture form Purdue University and a Master's degree in Marketing from Wrights State University.

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Jackie Lacey

Offering Customer Design Experience to Increase Sales

10 - 11 a.m. Thursday, January 18, 2024

Customer experience is a huge factor for the success of any business. Jackie Lacey will demonstrate his superior expertise in educational teaching skills, finance and floral artistry to keep customers coming back for more! Elements and Principles of design through exceptional creativity will bring the "WOW" factor essential for success. Don't miss this inspiring presentation.

Lacey has over thirty years of experience in the retail floral market and floral education field. A little-known fact, he has a degree in finance. Previously, he has owned flower shops in Texas, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Lacey is passionate about the floral industry and has won numerous awards in floral design including both multi-state, National and local floral associations. He has been published in SAF, Flowers &, Modern Bride, Inside Wedding. Lacey has worked with renown celebrities such as; Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Diane Lane, Cheryl Ladd, Cindy Crawford, Richard Gere, Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio providing floral designs on several major motion pictures sets. Currently, Lacey is the Director of Education and Industry Relations with Floriology, BloomNet, Napco and Senior Design Team Specialist. He is an ongoing contributor for Floriology Magazine keeping current with design, marketing trends, industry education and retail marketing.

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Alejandro Figueroa Fernandes

Designing with the Plant-Savvy Customer in Mind

10 - 11 a.m. Friday, Jan. 19, 2024

Alejandro Figueira Fernandes AIFD CFD PFCI has exceptional expertise will guide the Plant Savvy Customer on a floral journey that will keep interests high. A myriad of knowledge, as a 2023 World Cup floral competitor, Figueira will demonstrate exceptional floral skills at the highest levels. Creativity, keen imagination and extraordinary applications will impress you and your savvy customer. The “WOW” factor will blow you away. Figueira Fernandes is also a Certified Floral Designer and Certified Floral Evaluator/Judge by 'American Institute of Floral Designers', and current student in the EMC program 'European Master Certification' and Ikenobo Ikebana Society of South Florida.

Figueira Fernandes has participated and won many Floral Cups across the United States. He participated in the Interflora World Cup 2023 in the city of Manchester, United Kingdom, representing his native country Venezuela. He is currently ranking among the top 20 floral designers in the world.

While Figueira Fernandes enjoys all areas of the floral industry, his passion is education. He enjoys sharing his knowledge, he is a highly sought after floral programs presenter and educator for industry professionals. Born and raised in Caracas-Venezuela, Figueira Fernandes was exposed early to Nature´s Beauty. 

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