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Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Costa Farms is one of the largest horticultural growers in the world. We're dedicated to growing beautiful, healthy plants that help you grow your business. Celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, Costa Farms grows more than 1,200 varieties of indoor and outdoor plants (including houseplants, tropicals like Hibiscus and Mandevilla, cacti and succulents, annual bedding plants, and perennials) on more than 5,200 acres in the United States and the Dominican Republic. 

Costa Farms innovates for retailers and consumers with programs such as the wildly popular Trending Tropicals® Collection and the Wick & Grow™ self-watering system. We take pride in releasing new plant varieties and collections every year that will keep your customers coming back for more. 

Exciting Houseplants

Our Trending Tropicals® Collection, for example, allows you to offer rare, unique, and exclusive houseplants from around the world. Varieties in this collection include Raven® ZZ Plant, Network™ Calathea, and Moonlight Scindapsus. The Exotic Angel® Plants collection brings you the opportunity to sell a wide variety of premium small foliage plants and hanging baskets, including popular varieties like Cebu Blue Pothos, Hoya compacta, and Purple Passion Plant. 

Bold Outdoor Tropicals

Outdoors, our Costa del Sol collection brings you high-quality Mandevilla and Hibiscus varieties, including exclusive HibisQs® selections, which offer exceptional branching and high bud counts. 

Easy-Care Cacti and Succulents

We offer a range of colorful, texture-rich cacti and succulents for indoors and out. Available in a range of sizes, from minis to 2-gallon pots, including dish gardens in attractive and trendy upgraded containers, we bring a solution for practically every retailer. 

Engage Consumers

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Brands:Trending Tropicals®, Exotic Angel® Plants, Desert Escape® We build collections that make it easy to pick the right plants for your customers.


Costa Farms - All Thumbs Are Green


  • Aglaonema Solar Flare
    A new Aglaonema that's super easy to grow and features stunning variegation....

  • Both super-durable and super-stylish, Aglaonema Solar Flare is ideal for plant parents of every skill level. Because it tolerates low light, infrequent waterings, and low humidity, first-time plant owners are sure to have success with it. And its vividly variegated foliage makes it a fabulous choice for plant collectors who want to display something new, fresh, and fun. Bonus: Its easy-care nature also makes it good for retail as it has a long shelf life (not that it should stay in stock long with variegation like this...).

  • Aglaonema Spathonema
    This Aglaonema has a fresh new look -- but the same easy care requirements as other varieties....

  • This plant has been dubbed Spathonema because you might look at it and wonder if it's a Spathiphyllum or Aglaonema. While its foliage might resemble that of a variegated Peace Lily, it features the no-fuss nature of an Aglaonema. As such, it's one of the sturdiest houseplants around and can survive low light, irregular waterings, and other challenging indoor conditions. Its upright habit and playful variegation are sure to make it a standout in every store --- and home!
  • Dieffenbachia Crocodile
    It's easy to care for, sports fantastic variegation, and has a cool texture, too. Crocodile is a must-have....

  • An interesting Dieffenbachia sport, Crocodile shows off the traditionally large leaves you'd expect. But the twist comes on the underside of the foliage, which is textured in a way that's often compared to crocodile skin. The dark green leaves are decorated with lighter green shading and creamy-white spots, adding to the plant's appeal. Like other Dieffenbachia varieties, it's relatively tolerant to a range of conditions, making it a fine choice even for beginners who want to decorate their homes or offices with a bold statement plant.
  • Pothos Lemon Meringue
    Eye-catching, easy-care, and super-trendy, what's not to love about this exclusive new Pothos!...

  • A fantastic new sport of Global Green Pothos, this easy-care climbing aroid shows off green leaves broadly edged in bright, golden-yellow. Lemon Meringue is truly a plant for practically everyone with a bright spot: It's not fussy about watering; can be grown trailing from a basket, horizontally; or climbing up a totem; and has high impact by itself or mixed with other houseplants. 
  • Philodendron Ring of Fire
    A sought-after variegated Philodendron loved by plant parents, it's easy-care, too....

  • It’s no wonder why this dramatic plant is sought after by houseplant lovers as it’s at the center of several trends: It’s an aroid, it’s variegated, it’s a big statement plant, and it’s easy to grow so almost anyone with a bright spot can keep it thriving and beautiful. Large Ring of Fire Philodendron plants are sure to fly off retail shelves and into the homes of plant parents everywhere. 
  • Philodendron Golden Crocodile
    One of the most eye-catching Aroids around, it features textural foliage and eye-popping color....

  • Though it goes by a variety of names, no matter what you call it, this Philodendron is a stunner when produced at specimen size. Between its size, color, and texture, it's a showstopper in any home or office. And even better, it's easy to grow, too, so just about anyone with a bright spot can be successful with it, no matter their experience level with plants. We're excited to be able to commercialize this variety at size.

  • Sarcoglottis sceptrodes
    This Orchid will stop you in your tracks thanks to its lush, silver-variegated foliage....

  • When you think of orchids indoors, you typically go to showy flowers. But this elegant orchid breaks trend -- it offers fantastically silver-striped leaves that look stunning all on their own. While it does bloom, the greenish-yellow flowers aren't particularly showy, though they do bear a sweet fragrance. Unlike other orchids commonly grown in the home, it's a terrestrial, so it doesn't require special handling and can be grown/repotted like most other common indoor plants.
  • Schismatoglottis wallichii
    It's hard-to-find, delightfully variegated, and makes a statement in any home or office....

  • Love variegated plants? We do, too! That’s why we’re excited to commercialize Schismatoglottis wallichii. This bold indoor plant bears arrow-shaped leaves marked with a silvery chevron. It typically grows 24 to 36 inches tall indoors as it matures, making it an eye-catching statement plant in any bright space. The big leaves stand out in the retail space as much as they do homes or offices.

  • Spathiphyllum Lucia
    The first gold-variegated Spathiphyllum to be commercialized, this sport was found here at Costa Farms....

  • It's exciting to see a new twist on a tried-and-true favorite. Lucia Peace Lily is the first gold-variegated Spathiphyllum we've seen to be commercially produced. The variegation pattern is bold and eye-catching, and sure to attract the attention of houseplant lovers everywhere. Happily, its easy-care nature and familiarity makes it just as attractive to people just starting out on their houseplant journeys. 
  • Zamioculcas Chameleon
    Showing off new growth with bold, eye-catching color, this new ZZ Plant grows just about anywhere....

  • It's hard to say what you'll love more about this plant -- the fact that it's practically indestructible or the way every new leaf emerges a stunning shade of golden-yellow before maturing to rich green. Chameleon is a stunning look for the genus Zamioculcas and a showstopper at retail, as well as consumers' homes and offices.