Succulents Unlimited BV

Wageningen,  Netherlands
  • Booth: 544, 545


Succulents Unlimited – established mid 2018 – is a company trading unrooted cuttings of different plant selections to all parts of the world.

The company has its base in The Netherlands and supplies quality material from various growers worldwide. We are here for the profession grower, and in addition to cuttings we offer rooted liners via LinerPlugs Unlimited LLC and a range of grower supplies via Flora Supplies Unlimited BV – including bambo sticks, trellises, and moss poles. 

Brands:LinerPlugs Unlimited LLC, Flora Supplies Unlimited BV, Triple A Succulents: Amigo's Amazing Assortment


  • Bamboo Sticks/Grower Supplies
    Succulents Unlimited is now a partner of Flora Supplies Unlimited BV. Flora Supplies Unlimited offers a wide range of grower supplies, including bamboo sticks, trellises, and moss poles....

    • Tonkin canes
    • Split-bamboo
    • U-shaped trellis tonkin
    • Trellis tonkin
    • U-shaped trellis splitbamboo
    • Moss poles (coco-coir)
    • Clip rings
    • Hair clips
    • Orchid hooks
    • Temperature loggers
    • Pyramid caps
    • Bio pots
    • Carts (flower trolleys)
    • Sleeves
    • Labels