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United States
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Solutions to Help You Create Extraordinary Plants


As you go the extra mile to protect your plants, SePRO is committed to providing high quality solutions for insect and disease control, as well as plant growth regulation to help you deliver extraordinary plants to your customers. We also offer solutions to control aquatic weeds, algae and water quality around the greenhouse and nursery. 

Your growing operation depends on your hard work, and we want to partner with you to deliver healthy, beautiful plants, no matter the challenge.

Brands:Insecticides like Akari, Hachi-Hachi, Ornazin, Rycar & Talus, to plant growth regulators like A-Rest, Spinout and Topflor, and fungicides like Camelot O, CuPRO 5000, Decree, Junction, Obtego & Pipron.


  • Rycar
    The Next Generation in Whitefly, Aphid and Mealybug Control...

  • Rycar Insecticide brings a unique chemistry to a grower’s toolbox. Rycar provides excellent control of whiteflies (all biotypes), aphids, mealybugs, chilli thrips and leafhoppers. Rycar acts via contact or ingestion to stop insects from feeding within 2 hours after application before starvation sets in during the next 48 hours.

    As versatile as Rycar is, it is also very gentle to both beneficial insects and pollinators. Rycar is the perfect alternative to neonicotinoid chemistries and is a great component of a comprehensive, economical IPM program.