Lubing USA

Cleveland,  TN 
United States
  • Booth: 1917


  • Lubing Cooling System and Plastic Pads
    The LUBING Pad Climate System is used in areas
    where highly efficient cooling is required. It can be
    used for many different cooling purposes....

  • The technology of evaporative cooling Water is transported through the system from a pump station and directed onto the pads from above with a water distribution pipe and water deflector. The water then flows over the corrugated surface of the pad where it’s surface area is maximized to efficiently remove heat from the air flowing through it, resulting in some evaporation. The remaining water is used to clean the pads and flows back to the supply unit via a water channel system. The thermal energy required for evaporation comes directly from the air. Therefore, the air coming out of the pads is cooled and humidified at the same time without any additional external energy supply for the evaporation process. The Pad system is available in different sizes and power levels.