Workshop 9:

LEDs in Greenwall Designs


When: 9 - 10:30 a.m. (EST) Thursday,  January 20, 2022

Where: Tampa Convention Center - Room 12

Whether you call it a vertical garden or green wall, these beautiful works of art continue to be in high demand!

This session will take a closer look at successful lighting practices, along with the use of LEDs to maintain aesthetic quality. This session will also look at expanding plant pallets in interiorscape designs.

Session leader Celina Gómez, Ph.D., is currently working on research with LED lighting to improve the quality and longevity of plants for interior green-wall use. Gómez is also developing a High LED electrical efficiency which could justify increasing light intensities.

The ability of LED lamps to provide different light qualities could help preserve compact growth habits. And, their design flexibility could enable the use of different distribution patterns to maximize photon penetration within plant canopies -- possibly preventing premature senescence under otherwise light-limited conditions.

Speaker Bios: 

Celina Gómez, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the field of controlled environment horticulture. Gómez develops solution-based technologies to help optimize controlled environment production systems for environments including greenhouses and indoor growing. She is an expert in controlling light quantity and spectrum using LEDs.

David Liu  - Aside from flipping pizzas at age 14, David's only other job has been working with indoor plants. He has authored over 100 published articles on the subject and his lectures and consulting work are highly regarded by professionals throughout the world.

As a result of his leadership in the industry, Liu was voted by his peers into the Plant Institute of America Hall of Fame. David currently co-owns Foliage Design Systems with his partner and company founder, John Hagood.

As president and managing partner supporting 16 offices throughout the country, David still enjoys writing, consulting, and speaking on the topic of interiorscaping.

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Cost: $75 prior to January 7 and $90 thereafter. 

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