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Come live the jungle with ShopTropicals!

We are a wholesale plant distributor that believes in the inner peace that the jungle can provide. Any space can be transformed by tropical plants and we want you and your customers to feel the escape. We are located in South Florida and partner with over a hundred growers to help secure thousands of plants to garden centers across the United States and Canada. We have created the technology that ensures we provide an experience that helps you order and receive our tropicals seamlessly. Come with us and live the jungle

Why live the jungle with us?

•We provide an online ordering platform that is updated each day with real-time inventory.

•We provide consolidation all within our facility.

•We ship to the US and Canada and handle all the inspection and customs paperwork.

•Our selection of plants is unmatched! We partner with over a hundred growers in FL. Don't see what you're looking for on our availability list? Let us know and we will try our best to source it!

•We are merchandising experts. Choose from an array of options including labeling and packaging creation, direction for in-store merchandising, or have a customized ShopTropicals in-store fixture shipped with your order. 


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    Contact: Rachel Stewart


    Phone: 707-TROPICS


    ShopTropicals’ First Time Attending the Tropical Plant International Expo as New Brand

    [WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, January 18, 2021] Formally Miami Tropical Plants, ShopTropicals is proud to attend the Tropical Plant International Expo for the first time under their new brand name and leadership. The TPIE is the most important show of the year where exhibitors will showcase their services, their product offerings, and create and acknowledge trends for the upcoming year. 

    “We are so excited to show the Tropical Plant industry what we’ve been working on behind the scenes since our acquisition. Not only do we plan on continuing the legacy of the famous customer service of Miami Tropical Plants, but we expect to be the new “go-to” distributor of Tropical Plants to the United States and Canada.”, said President of ShopTropicals, Darren Arithoppah.

    ShopTropicals’ history of delivering high quality and rare plants paired with their new technology will help them stand out in this upcoming season. Their services to clients include: 


        •An online ordering platform that is updated daily with real-time inventory from over one hundred growers.

        •Consolidation within their one facility with one complete invoice to the customer.

        •Shipping available nationwide in the United States and throughout Canada on LTL or on a dedicated ShopTropicals truck.

        •With a dedicated scout team and over one hundred growing partners, ShopTropicals provides an unmatched selection of tropical plants including rare and trending options.

        •ShopTropicals has multiple international merchandising experts that are ready to help your business shine. Merchandising options include labeling and packaging creation,

         direction on in-store merchandising, or custom in-store fixtures shipped with your order.

    Rachel Stewart, Vice President of Marketing and Sales said, “In addition to showing the industry our new technology, our superior services and the marketing we will ramp up this season, we are so excited to meet new customers and connect with new growers this week!”

    About ShopTropicals

    ShopTropicals is a leading plant distributor located in South Florida. Previously owned and operated as Miami Tropical Plants, they were acquired in February of 2020. While preserving the brand heritage, ShopTropicals has just launched their rebrand and will continue to expand their reach across the United States and Canada as well as prioritizing the ultimate customer experience. Through a seamless online ordering platform with real-time inventory, shipping capabilities throughout the United States and Canada, and over one hundred growing partners across Florida, they seek to grab the attention of retail leaders. A team of international marketing, merchandising, and sales experts monitor the trends and needs of the tropical plant market and will continue to create engaging and impactful planning and partnerships. Their core belief is rooted in the power of the jungle and the inner peace that it brings. They believe that tropical plants can transform any space into an escape and want to share the experience of the jungle with their customers so they can live the jungle.


  • Your #1 Source - Trending & Rare Tropical Plants
    ShopTropicals specializes in providing access to high-quality product, the largest possible selection, seamless and efficient ordering technology, consolidation, shipping throughout the US and Canada, and superior customer service.


    Many refer to the jungle as “the lungs of the world.” The concentration of vibrant greenery gives the tropics its air-purifying power, refreshing the atmosphere by exchanging vast quantities of carbon dioxide for oxygen. Tropical plants can bring a touch of that freshness into your home or garden. You can achieve the most striking effect with a range of broad-leafed foliage, bright flowers, and draping branches. This will get you fully immersed in the character of the jungle around you, all while filtering and reviving the air. Come with us and live the jungle.

    Some of our product highlights include:

    Foliage - These verdant beauties don’t need flowers to show off. From Alocasia to Sanseveria, foliage plants strike a dazzling profile with bold pigments and patterns. Be sure to find a prominent place to show off this outstanding greenery. The most vibrant leaves will need the brightest light to retain their distinctive appearance, while darker, thicker ones can handle shade. You can use foliage plants to liven up the blandest corner, providing color and culture to any environment.

    Bromeliads - A bromeliad’s rosette of emerald blades and lofty jewel-toned flowers bring the heart of the jungle into your home. These low-maintenance beauties can take your breath away with their long-lasting blooms and shapely foliage. As a bonus, bromeliads’ unique growth process offers more to enjoy. When the flower fades, cut back the stem to sprout “pups,” small plantlets that can be re-potted to keep the legacy of your bromeliad living on for many years.

    Cacti - No longer the cliché choice of the “black thumbed,” cacti’s vast array of shapes and sizes have brought these succulents into the spotlight. Cacti are excellent complements to dish gardens and outdoor landscaping, and many varieties have remarkably geometric profiles that stun as stand-alone features. Fragrant, showy flowers are an unexpected surprise of many cactus species. Some bloom spectacularly for only a single day or night, delicate petals surging outward in vibrant whites, reds, and yellows amid the harsh background of signature spines.

    Carnivorous - While carnivorous plants’ alien appearance and brutal nature may seem hostile, they are distinctive and remarkable additions to a home or garden. Carnivores’ many trap styles and vibrant colors attract human attention as well as the insects they rely on. Try a tall, structured pitcher plant or the lower profile of a flytrap to catch both eyes and flies in your home. Carnivorous plants naturally grow in nutrient-poor soils, so they'll need a specialized mix to thrive in your space (try a 1:1 ratio of sand to peat moss, with plenty of drainage).

    Citrus - Between their fresh scents and bright colors, citrus plants bring an air of cheerful summer bliss. Give your citrus tree plenty of sun and careful watering to encourage abundant blooms, which are lightly fragrant before they ripen to the familiar harvest. These trees' dark green foliage renders their creamy blossoms and sunny fruits all the more striking. However, even in the absence of fruit, the gently arching branch structure and glossy leaves are a botanical delight.

    Fruit - Some trees are prized for their architectural shape or sculpted leaves, while others are treasured for their bold, showy flowers. Fruit trees add a colorful (and sometimes delicious) facet to a tropical garden. Start conversations with the bizarre appeal of a pineapple plant, watching the familiar shape emerge right from the center of a rosette of foliage. Cultivate pleasant shade with the feathery leaves and layered branches of a tamarind tree. Considering the diversity of shapes and sizes, it’s easy to reap the many benefits of fruit.

    Palms - The rustling of palm fronds can transport you straight to windswept beaches and sea breezes. Ranging in size from 8-inch tabletop miniatures to towering specimen trees, there’s a palm for every setting. Because of the palm’s great diversity, some will do better with lots of light and water, while some can thrive in a drier, shadier spot. Whatever your space, adding a palm (or two) can be a bright reminder of sun-kissed climates.

    Air Plants - In the wild, air plants establish themselves on rocks, branches, and even telephone wires. Named for their incredible ability to absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, these plants can be adapted to almost any space. With a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, air plants offer nearly infinite creative home-scaping opportunities. Try using wire to attach them to driftwood sculpture, hanging cables, even seashells or metal fixtures.

    Succulents - There’s no mistaking the fleshy leaves and dusky coloring of the succulents. As different as earthy snowflakes, they range in size from minute windowsill buttons to massive garden behemoths. Many popular houseplant succulents stay relatively low to the ground, but those grown outdoors can reach several feet tall and spread throughout a garden bed. These plants are more than just pretty leaves. They're an excellent choice for hobbyists, as the great variety and ease of propagation provide ways to grow with your succulent.

    Assortments - Looking for a way to diversify your garden? Look no further than an assortment. These varieties give your garden a diversity boost, adding texture and health to your environment. Perfect for starting fresh or building up a collection, assortments give you just what you need.

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