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Welcome! We supply crop protection fabrics.

Gintec Shade Technologies is a company invested in bringing innovation and problem solving to all aspects of agriculture across North America. Gintec's vast knowledge and experience in fabrics, plasticulture and geotextiles helps us recommend the best product for you. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your agriculture needs. Our team has gained practical knowledge and skills through working in the field, whether they are installing a shade system, helping with irrigation or designing an efficient way to help set up your space. Gintec is here to help!

We are growers helping growers!


  • Some of Our Products
    Take a look at some of our most popular products!...

  • Ground Cover

    • Black Ground Cover: woven from 100% black polypropylene slit film, this product allows water to flow easily through the fabric, while preventing weed growth from penetrating through the yarns.
    • White Ground Cover: this ground cover has the same benefits as the black fabric. The best way to use this cover would be in greenhouses, where the ground cover increases light levels in the early spring months and on overcast days. We do not recommenced using the white ground cover outside.


    • Wood/Steel: Made by a tensioned cable system supported by wooden or steel poles and anchored by augers with a large helix screwed into the ground around the perimeter of the structure. The structure uses poles set down the tree or plant rows to provide support
    • Anti-Hail: During a hail storm hail will land on the netting, bounce down toward the valley and drop harmlessly between the tree rows.


    • Our netting stays up all year! Pro Guard is designed to stay up all year, even at harvest. No need to remove and store each year.
    • Gintec's netting is good for more than just keeping the pests out! Our Pro Guard netting is good for protection against birds, bugs, wind and hail. It can also help provide a thermal effect in early spring and help reduce sunburn on plants during high U.V. periods. 

    Hops Bales

    • Our Hops Bales are made from certified food grade fabric with only FDA approved materials. These bales are manufactured in a FDA approved facility and are available in sheets or bags. Custom sizes are available on request.

    Irrigaion & Hardware

    • We supply all of your irrigation and harware needs! Call us today for pricing and availablility!

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