BioSafe Systems

East Hartford,  CT 
United States
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Simply Sustainable. Always Effective.

BioSafe Systems’ organic, sustainable, and effective products are uniquely balanced alternatives to harsh and toxic chemicals. For over 20 years our growers have seen our products successfully enhance their plants’ health, quality, and overall appearance. From propagation to finished crops, our chemistry provides the horticulture industry with solutions that kill problematic insects, prevent and cure outbreaks of plant pathogens, clean and protect irrigation lines, remove biofilm, and sanitize/disinfect surfaces of all kinds reducing the loss of greenhouse crops.

Brands: SaniDate® 5.0, TerraGrow®, ZeroTol® 2.0, AzaGuard®, BioCeres WP, PVent® Microbial WP, GreenClean® PRO, OxiPhos®, CalOx® FT, BT NOW®, Guarda®


  • BioCeres WP
    BioCeres WP is a Beauvaria bassiana, strain ANT-03, mycoinsecticide. BioCeres WP infects pests and targets all life stages, including eggs and diapausing insects. Use as a stand-alone or tank mix with AzaGuard® for additional modes of action....

  • • Ideal for IPM programs
    • Low re-entry intervals
    • Low resistance potential

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