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United States
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Welcome to MossMan, Inc! Premium Domestic Moss Products

MossMan, Inc., is a family-owned and operated business, established in 1992 by the “Mossman” himself, Rich Seldner. We sell fresh and preserved Sheet Moss, Spanish Moss, Mood Moss, Reindeer Moss, Deerfoot Moss, Pillow Moss, Sphagnum Moss and more! Our mosses are sustainabily harvested and are all sourced in the USA. Our mosses are premium quality, and our preserved mosses use a special color system to make them color-fast (bleed and fade resistant!) 

We pride ourselves on offering high quality mosses. Our fresh mosses (Spanish, Sheet, Mood, Shag, Spaghnum) are vibrant and lush and popular among Nursery and Garden Centers, Orchid sellers, Florists, Interiorscapers and Commercial Interiorscapers. 

Our rapidly expanding Artisan Preserved Mosses (Select Sheet, Pillow, Mood, Pole, Royal Pool, Deerfoot, Reindeer) are the top choice for Moss Wall Artists, Green Walls, Moss Art, and artists of all kinds. We offer hand-selected high quality pieces for high end designs, and love working with artists to supply their Moss Visions! We can also color match for large projects. 


Brands: Mossman Inc- selling Premium Domestic Moss Products "To The Trade" (Wholesale Only) for over 25 years! Sheet, Mood, Pillow, Spanish, Sphagnum, Reindeer, Deerfoot, and more!



 Show Specials

  • FREE Mossman Sample Box- over $40 value- for TPIE Attendees and Exhibitors. We would like to send you the samples we couldn't provide you at the show in person this year. Samples of many of our moss varieties, grades and colors. Preserved Mood Moss, Sheet Moss, Deerfoot Moss, Reindeer Moss, Spanish Moss and Pillow Moss. Fresh mosses available upon request. Please CONTACT MOSSMANWHOLESALE@GMAIL.COM with Subject: Free TPIE Sample Box or call 305-360-1406 to order. Please indicate what you use it for if you'd like us to cater the samples to your business (fresh vs. preserved, big pieces or small etc). Looking forward to hearing from you! 


    Mossman Preserved Deerfoot Moss in Spring Green is the most color fast (fade and bleed resistant) on the market. Soft, clean, vibrant, long-lasting and scent-free. Email for catalog and orders, or call 305-360-1406....

  • Mossman has been supplying the highest quality, premium domestic mosses to the industry for over 25 years.

    We have gorgeous fresh and dry

    Sheet Moss

    Mood Moss

    Shag Moss

    Spanish Moss

    Sphagnum Moss

    We also have the most color fast (fade and bleed resistant) Reindeer and Deerfoot mosses on the market.

    We sell Top Quality Preserved 

    Reindeer Moss 

    Deerfoot Moss 

    Mood Moss

    Spanish Moss 

    Sheet Moss 

    Pillow Moss 

    in a variety of colors. Perfect for Moss Walls and Moss Art, our preserved moss is clean, beautiful and ships fast. We also offer hand-selected large pieces for artists making walls and large scale projects. 

    For availability, colors and prices, please email or call 305-360-1406.