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Welcome to Costa Farms!

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Costa Farms is one of the largest horticultural growers in the world. We're dedicated to growing beautiful, healthy plants that help you grow your business. Celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, Costa Farms grows more than 1,200 varieties of indoor and outdoor plants (including houseplants, tropicals like Hibiscus and Mandevilla, cacti and succulents, annual bedding plants, and perennials) on more than 5,200 acres in the United States and the Dominican Republic. 

Costa Farms innovates for retailers and consumers with programs such as the wildly popular Trending Tropicals® Collection and the Wick & Grow™ self-watering system. We take pride in releasing new plant varieties and collections every year that will keep your customers coming back for more. 

Exciting Houseplants

Our Trending Tropicals® Collection, for example, allows you to offer rare, unique, and exclusive houseplants from around the world. Varieties in this collection include Raven® ZZ Plant, Network™ Calathea, and Moonlight Scindapsus. The Exotic Angel® Plants collection brings you the opportunity to sell a wide variety of premium small foliage plants and hanging baskets, including popular varieties like Cebu Blue Pothos, Hoya compacta, and Purple Passion Plant. 

Bold Outdoor Tropicals

Outdoors, our Costa del Sol collection brings you high-quality Mandevilla and Hibiscus varieties, including exclusive HibisQs® selections, which offer exceptional branching and high bud counts. 

Easy-Care Cacti and Succulents

We offer a range of colorful, texture-rich cacti and succulents for indoors and out. Available in a range of sizes, from minis to 2-gallon pots, including dish gardens in attractive and trendy upgraded containers, we bring a solution for practically every retailer. 

Engage Consumers

See how we help engage your consumers on digital media!

Brands: Trending Tropicals®, Exotic Angel® Plants, Plants of Steel®, O2 for You®, Desert Escape®, Desert Gems®, and more. We build collections that make it easy to pick the right plants for your customers.


Trending Tropicals from Costa Farms

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  • Xanthosoma
    Xanthosoma linenii (also called Caladium lindenii)...

  • Whether you call it Xanthosoma lindenii or Caladium lindenii, consumers are catching on to this tropical houseplant. It features large, dark green arrow-shaped leaves with creamy-white venation that gives it a zebra-striped look. It’s one of those plants that stands out from across the room — and is just as mesmerizing when viewed up close. 

    While relatively slow growing, it can reach 3 feet tall over time, with 15-inch-long leaves, making it one of the most eye-catching plants in a consumer’s plant collection.

    Xanthosoma is being introduced in a 6-inch ceramic pot as a part of Costa Farms’ Trending Tropicals® collection.

  • Sterling Silver Scindapsus
    Scindapsus treubii ‘Moonlight’...

  • Declared one of the hottest houseplants for 2021 by media outlets like The Spruce, Sterling Silver Scindapsus (Scindapsus treubii ‘Moonlight’) is a hard-to-find tropical climbing aroid. Adored and highly sought after by houseplant collectors, it features elegant heart-shaped leaves flushed with silver for lovely shimmery effect.

    Sterling Silver Scindapsus has an easy-growing nature, like its close relative golden pothos. This makes it a winner for new and experienced houseplant consumers. This has made it tremendously popular on social media platforms like Instagram, where consumers can’t get enough of it.

    Sterling Silver Scindapsus is being introduced in a 6-inch ceramic pot as a part of Costa Farms’ Trending Tropicals® collection.

  • Shingle Plant
    Rhaphidophora hayi...

  • Plant parents are always on the lookout for the next new houseplant to add to their collection. Shingle Plants like Rhaphidophora hayi fit the bill perfectly. This plant has a lot going for it: It’s a member of the trendy aroid family, it’s a climbing vine, and it’s easy to grow indoors.

    This plant has a distinctive look from the way the leaves grow flat against a wall or other surface, setting it apart from other houseplants and giving consumers a unique point of contrast in their plant collections. Its popularity is exploding on social media platforms like Instagram.

    Shingle Plant is being introduced in a 6-inch ceramic pot as a part of Costa Farms’ Trending Tropicals® collection.
  • Green Galaxy Monstera
    Monstera sp. Peru...

  • Consumers can’t get enough Monstera. Those who have already collected Monstera deliciosa and M. adansonii are onto the next one —and that’s Monstera sp. Peru. This bold beauty stands apart for its beautifully textured foliage. Each leaf almost looks corrugated or rippled, which gives the plant an iridescent effect when viewed in high light.

    It’s as easy to grow as its more common cousins, which makes this aroid a surefire hit for consumers looking for something beautiful, special, and exotic for their collections (and to show off on Instagram).

    This Monstera is being introduced in a 6-inch ceramic pot as a part of Costa Farms’ Trending Tropicals® collection.

  • Aglaonema Slim Jim
    Aglaonema Slim Jim...

  • There’s no shortage of beautiful Aglaonema varieties available in a wide variety of colors. Slim Jim adds a dramatic new texture to the mix. It features long, narrow leaves that almost have a grassy effect. Up close, it’s even more interesting as the dark green leaves are variegated with shades of lighter green and white. 

    Its appearance is enough to make it a winner for consumers, but it’s also one of the easiest houseplants to grow, with the ability to survive in low, medium, or bright light; low relative humidity levels; and tolerate inconsistent watering.

  • Aglaonema Red Stripe
    Aglaonema Red Stripe...

  • Some consumers like in-your-face-color, and others prefer something more subtle. Red Stripe Aglaonema fits that bill—its olive-green leaves are variegated in a trendy camouflage pattern with darker green. But they’re accented by a bold red midrib.

    Like other Aglaonema cultivars, it’s a perfect plant for new consumers to the category thanks to its tolerance of a wide variety of light levels and inconsistent watering.

  • Aglaonema Ultra Pink
    Aglaonema Ultra Pink...

  • An Aglaonema that really stands out in store displays, Ultra Pink is sure to capture consumers’ hearts thanks to its bold, year-round color Each red-pink leaf is artfully edged in a band of rich green, making it as delightful to view up close as it is from a distance.

    One of those plants consumers practically can’t kill, it grows in virtually every home or office, adding a touch of life, a bold stroke of color, and a lot of year-round beauty.

    This Monstera is being introduced in a 6-inch ceramic pot as a part of Costa Farms’ Trending Tropicals® collection.
  • Aglaonema Silver Frost
    Aglaonema Silver Frost...

  • Among the most elegant houseplants around, this aglaonema features breathtaking silvery-green leaves lightly accented with dark green mottling. The effect is both trendy and hypnotizing. That alone makes it a winner for consumers looking for something different, but there’s more. The petioles are a striking ghostly white shade, making this plant a stunner when viewed both from straight on and above (a rare quality in Aglaonemas!).

    On top of that, it has the same no-fuss nature as other Aglaonema varieties, making it a sure bet for consumers of all experience levels.

  • Aglaonema Mellow Yellow
    Aglaonema Mellow Yellow...

  • Put Mellow Yellow Aglaonema in your store, on your website, or feature in on your social media channels and you’ll quickly see consumers gravitate toward this eye-catching variety. It features large, oval, dark green leaves heavily variegated in creamy yellow. The effect is artistic — no two leaves are the same, but they all grab your attention immediately.

    The perfect plant for brightening low-light corners, Mellow Yellow also tolerates inconsistent watering, making it as easy to care for as it is beautiful.