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See how HydraFiber is transforming the market for substrates

The first substantial substrate innovation in almost 50 years, HydraFiber® is an engineered, porous fiber substrate with extremely low bulk density. Selected as GameChanger of the Year in 2019 by Greenhouse Grower, HydraFiber is a proven performer and used by leading growers. Growers everywhere are choosing HydraFiber to improve the quality of their mixes. HydraFiber is manufactured with our unique Thermally Refined® process that combines wood and bark and refines them in a pressurized vessel to create singulated, small-diameter, long, thin strands with large surface area. HydraFiber is readily available, consistent, and made in the USA for easy and reliable shipping and delivery. Now in both bale and tower format, HydraFiber products can be processed with or without specialized equipment and have helped improve substrates for growers and blenders across North America. 

Brands: HydraFiber Ultra 065, Ultra 090, Ultra 160, Ultra 365, Ultra 510, and HydraFiber EZ Blend

 Press Releases

  • BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. (July 13, 2020) — Growers can now purchase HydraFiber® Ultra 160 and 365 formulations, as well as HydraFiber® EZ Blend, in 95-cubic-foot towers. The towers do not require any specialized equipment and growers can pad mix or use ribbon blenders to break apart the tower material to incorporate it into their substrate mixes without having to increase labor or costs.

    “With the new tower option, HydraFiber now has a wood fiber substrate solution for every size and type of grower, regardless of the equipment, labor or setup they have in their greenhouse,” said Jennifer Neujahr, director of horticulture at Profile® Products, which owns HydraFiber. “This is the latest innovation in our ongoing work to help all greenhouse growers enhance their operations and find business success.”

    The HydraFiber EZ Blend tower is compressed at a 4:1 ratio, providing a total yield of about 400 cubic feet. HydraFiber Ultra towers are compressed at a 6:1 ratio, providing a total yield of about 600 cubic feet. Each HydraFiber tower delivers a better yield than conventional raw material towers. The result is improved freight efficiency — fewer truckloads of HydraFiber are required to achieve the same yield as conventional raw materials, which benefits growers by lowering costs while helping the environment.

    Chemical and physical properties of the HydraFiber products in towers are identical to those sold in individual bales. Because the towers require no special equipment, they can quickly and seamlessly be added into existing operations with minimal production changes.

    “In addition to the towers, we are continuing to provide all five of our HydraFiber Ultra formulations in 50-pound bales and our EZ Blend material in 40-pound bales,” Neujahr said. “Ultra bales will still be the most effective way to maximize the cost benefits of HydraFiber. But we realize that adding a piece of processing equipment isn’t an option for everyone. These towers will allow more growers to grow better margins and better plants with HydraFiber.”

    All HydraFiber products are proven, environmentally friendly amendments and alternatives to perlite, peat, pine bark and coir, and provide customers with healthy, strong plants. The products are made from renewable and virgin loblolly pine wood and bark from reforested farms. Its Thermally Refined® wood fibers allow for more available water and air space, leading to better root development and healthier plants.

    HydraFiber products are developed and marketed by the horticultural business of Profile Products, the world's leading global provider of soil and water management solutions. For more information on HydraFiber, visit HydraFiber.com or call (800) 496-0955.


  • HydraFiber Ultra
    HydraFiber Ultra comes in highly compressed bales and five fiber sizes to provide flexibility and cost savings to growers. Ultra 160 and Ultra 365 are also available in tower form for easier processing without specialized equipment....

  • HydraFiber Ultra is an engineered fiber substrate amendment with 98% total porosity, providing higher air space compared to other market-leading substrate components, while maintaining or even increasing container water-holding capacity. HydraFiber Ultra features extremely low bulk density of 1.4 lbs / cu ft. The material comes highly compressed in both bale and tower form, and is available in 5 different fiber sizes. The material creates a superior air-rich root zone environment that leads to proven differences including better water management, better root development and exceptional finished plant quality.