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Van Nifterik, world leader in supplying support material.

Your specialist in horticultural products for plant support!

Over 40 years experience worldwide. With our own office and factory in China we are close to the souce to guarantee the right product and quality.

In our product range you can find all sizes, colors and designs of bamboo canes, flowersticks, trellis and U-shapes. Besides, we supply a wide variety of binding materials such as hooks and clips. Fast delivery can de arranged from our warehouse in Holland. Bulk quantities are possible with direct shipments from our factory in China. 

Van Nifterik, quality support for you and your plants


    If you are looking for a plant stick that can be processed quickly and efficiently, look no further than split bamboo. The uniformly round* shape makes this stick an easy and manageable plant support solution that is also suitable for machine processing....

  • Split bamboo is light, strong, and has a lifespan that is consistent with the plant's requirements. Thanks to our unique anti-mould method, which we developed in-house, our split bamboo is much more resistant to moisture and can be used for a wide range of vegetables, houseplants, and outdoor plants. In addition, split bamboo is not attractive to plant-eating insects.

    For most plants, split bamboo is a better option than tonkin sticks, which are hollow, less straight, and less even.
    Other advantages of our split bamboo:
    • Imported directly from China
    • Quality control by our own employees in China
    • Available in a variety of colours
    • Painted sticks are colour-fast
    • Waxed or painted, natural, pointed and/or plastic coated
    • Fast delivery of standard sizes from stock
    • Suitable for machine processing
    • Anti-mould treatment guarantees a virtually mould-free stick!

    * most split bamboo is round, but we can also deliver square split bamboo on request! Ask about the options.