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Welcome to European made growing media and the Growcoon

Klasmann-Deilmann is the leading corporate group in the international substrate industry, with sales and production companies in Europe, Asia and America. Our growing media provide a vital basis for the growth of fruit, vegetables, edible fungi, ornamental plants, trees and shrubs. Moreover, we are the distributor of the Growcoon propagation system – a biodegradable plug made from food-safe components, forming stable rootballs even in Hydroponic systems. New: the manual Growcoon dispenser.

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 Press Releases

  • Klasmann-Deilmann: We make it grow

    Klasmann-Deilmann is the leading corporate group in the international substrate industry, with sales and production companies in Europe, Asia and America. On every continent, our growing media provide a vital basis for the growth of fruit, vegetables, edible mushrooms, ornamental plants, trees and shrubs. They help ensure the success of our partners and customers in the commercial horticulture sector. Our product portfolio includes substrates for professional growers and the consumer sector, white and black peat as raw materials, and green compost and wood fibre manufactured in-house. Moreover, we sell the innovative propagation system Growcoon.

    There are various benchmarks we use to gauge how seriously we take our responsibility for humankind, the environment and future generations. These include the monitoring of our raw materials and production processes by Regeling Handels Potgronden (RHP), the certification of our quality-management system to the ISO 9001 standard, our ISO 14001-compliant environmental-management system, the verification of our climate footprint to the ISO 14064 standard, and reporting in compliance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards 2016). The chief restoration measure applied to former peat extraction areas is re-wetting.

    In all of our activities, our employees are a foundational asset. Time and again, their commitment plays a crucial role in moving us forward in terms of corporate sustainability and customer satisfaction. We encourage their development and are delighted by their strong ties with our organisation.

    Our corporate history goes back to 1913 when Georg Klasmann founded Heseper Torfwerk GmbH, a company which was renamed Klasmann Werke GmbH in 1971. The firm that later became C. Deilmann AG began producing peat in 1920. In its early decades, Klasmann’s main focus was on manufacturing fuel peat and bedding for stables; it built its own peat-fuelled power station. From the late 1950s, Klasmann and Deilmann increasingly focused on producing substrates for commercial horticulture and, in 1974, they began developing growing media based on black peat. The merger of Klasmann and Deilmann in 1990 created Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH, which has since then acquired extensive reserves of raw materials in Germany, Ireland, Lithuania and Latvia, investing in modern substrate factories at central locations. At the same time, subsidiaries were formed in important European countries as well as in Asia and North America, in order to secure a presence in local markets. Alongside this, a network of sales partners arose that now covers the entire world.

  • The Growcoon is finding a continuously expanding customer base in various horticultural segments worldwide. This propagation system is proving especially effective in the rooting of cuttings, in the growing-on of young plants from in vitro systems, and in the use of hydroponic cultivation. The main benefits of using Growcoon for propagating young plants are shorter growing cycles, robust plant health, greater root ball stability and – especially with delicate seedlings – lower failure rates.

    Many different standard and special sizes are available, as are trays for use with these sizes, which means the Growcoon can be used in all established propagation systems and with different trays. A dispenser specially designed for the Growcoon is now sold by Dutch company Flier Systems. The dispenser is located upstream from the tray-filling machine and automatically places the Growcoons in trays. Alternatively, this can still be done manually.

    Growcoon is a biodegradable plug with a flexible, open structure. When used in propagation systems, it holds the propagation substrate together and, in this combination, forms a stable root ball. It is made of food-safe components and features the OK COMPOST label certifying it to the EN 13432 standard. This means, for example, that the Growcoon does not entail any pollution risk with respect to farmland, people or the environment, and leaves no harmful residues.

    The Growcoon is part of the ‘Dutch input list’ maintained by Netherlands-based organic control body Skal. This lists products approved for use in organic agriculture in the Netherlands. The Growcoon thus also complies with the European organic-farming regulation.

    Growcoon is produced by Dutch company Maan BioBased Products B.V. The Klasmann-Deilmann Group holds the global distribution rights to this product.

  • Successful combination of frozen black peat and our GreenFibre wood fibre product has laid the foundation for a new generation of blocking substrates. Whereas, previously, the only recipes regarded as being a reliable basis for stable press pots were those based solely on black peat, now additional benefits can be achieved by the use of alternative constituents. Addition of up to 20% of a specially screened fine form of GreenFibre results, at high substrate yield, in press pots of even greater stability while also reducing substrate weight. ‘Potgrond H 85 with GreenFibre’, a substrate blended in this way, is now firmly established within Klasmann-Deilmann’s range of blocking substrates.

    The use of raw materials from the Baltic region has also become well-established as it makes for lighter blocking substrates and yields equally good crop performance. For example, blocking substrate ‘Potgrond H 50 with GreenFibre’ has not only a high proportion of wood fibre but also a specially prepared white-peat component with a ‘blocking’ function that combines with the wood fibre in the press pot, thus ensuring optimum stability for automatic planting-out. Air capacity has also been increased, ensuring enhanced root development.

    Press pots, a proven growing system, will remain of great importance for the young-vegetable-plant segment. Long-term reliability of supply for blocking substrates is ensured, thanks to the use of new raw materials. Other major Klasmann-Deilmann customers have already announced they will switch to blocking substrates containing GreenFibre.

  • With a view to continued growth in international demand for soft fruit, Klasmann-Deilmann has developed a compact range of specialist substrates for reliable propagation and high-yield growing-on of cultivated berries grown in pots and containers. These contain tried-and-tested substrate solutions, particularly for strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and currants in containers, produced using various raw materials: peat, coco pith (coir), GreenFibre and perlite.

    The substrates ‘TS 4 soft fruit with perlite’ and ‘TS 4 soft fruit with GreenFibre’ are available for cultivation in containers or in substrate-filled gutters. There is also a peat-free blend called ‘Container substrate 3 soft fruit with coir’, as well as a substrate blend – ‘TS1 propagation of soft fruit’ – developed especially for growing young plants. In terms of their pH values and nutrient supply, these substrates have been precisely designed to meet the needs of berry crops. For example, they contain chelated trace elements to specifically ensure a reliable supply of iron.

    “It was important to us to design a range of products that deliver reliable crop outcomes,” says Martin Nugteren, Sales Director of Klasmann-Deilmann Americas. “We also had in mind growers just entering this segment, for whom it’s especially crucial to have a dependable substrate like this.”

    Klasmann-Deilmann provides horticultural businesses with an in-depth advisory service on all aspects of growing soft fruit. “This also applies to growers who are currently merely thinking about cultivating berry crops in the future,” says Martin. “Our specialists have drawn up guidelines bringing together the key facts. These will help them make an informed decision and, if they so wish, to enter this segment.” A manual in the ‘GreenNotes’ series gives basic guidance on cultivation, crop management, substrate use and fertilisation, helping new growers of soft fruit to get off to a good start.

  • Klasmann-Deilmann has taken over the operational business of Shakti Cocos B.V. With effect from 1 June 2020, Shakti Cocos transferred the exclusive international distribution rights and the existing customer base to the Germany based producer of growing media. The agreement also includes the acquisition of the Shakti Cocos brand and the coveted patent for the buffered coir product Shakti Amla®.

    Shakti Cocos distinguishes itself from other suppliers in this raw material segment through exceptional quality characteristics, certification according to the renowned RHP standards, tightly organized production with local partner companies and the possibility of manufacturing customized solutions. “It was important for us that Shakti Cocos has been certified according to the internationally recognized SA8000 standard for socially responsible jobs in the production facilities,“ says Martin Nugteren. “In this way Shakti Cocos supports the sustainable development of our group of companies.“

    In addition, the production of Shakti Cocos in India and Sri Lanka is characterized by the fact that all coir products can be tracked or traced from the receipt of the raw materials to the delivery to the customer. The coir raw materials are stored in bunkers to increase their physical stability and at the same time prevent contamination. During the subsequent processing, various treatment methods such as washing, buffering and the patented Shakti Amla®-treatment are used before the finished coconut products are laid out on concrete floors again for drying. Finally, there are various options available for sorting, mixing and packaging. “Great importance is given to environmentally compatible wastewater management,“ affirms Martin. “Used water is purified and reused in our own coir production or in agriculture. “

    The preparation, mixing and packaging of the raw materials is done according to the specifications of the individual customer. For this purpose, coir pith, coir crush and coir chips are available among others, which have been sieved into different fractions. In order to achieve the physical properties desired by the customer, certain coir products are mixed in a targeted manner. Common packaging units are 5 kg blocks, Easyfill bags and Growbags, moreover, customized blocks are also offered that fit exactly into the cultivation benches of the respective nursery.

    The patented coir product Shakti Amla® is characterised by a constantly low pH value and thus offers nurseries a unique additional benefit. The often fluctuating pH-values of coir products are stabilised by the Shakti Amla process, thus simplifying the application of the substrate and the subsequent fertilisation of the crops.


  • Growcoon
    Growcoon is a biodegradable plug with a stable but flexible open net structure. The Growcoon forms a stable root ball when used in combination with a high-quality seedling substrate.


  • rungen fü
    rungen fü
    rungen fü
    Fast and unhindered rooting through
    the open net structure
    • Fast and unhindered rooting through
      the open net structure
    • The open net structure allows a higher oxygen
      exchange stimulating a strong root growth
    • Fast and unhindered rooting through
      the open net structure
    • The open net structure allows a higher oxygen
      exchange stimulating a strong root growth
    • Fast and unhindered rooting through
      the open net structure
    • The open net structure allows a higher oxygen
      exchange stimulating a strong root growth
    • Fast and unhindered rooting through
      the open net structure
    • The open net structure allows a higher oxygen
      exchange stimulating a strong root growth
  • TS 4 Green Plant – coarse
    • coarse sod peat, structurally stable, ideal for crops that require a high air capacity and have a long cultivation period...

    • Ready to use potting substrate for green plants with base fertilization and trace elements. Produced without addition of water.
  • Tray Substrate with 50 % coco and 50 % white peat
    • Extra fine structured and free flowing seedling substrate, suitable for automatic filling lines...

    • combines the advantages of peat and coco in an optimal way
  • TS 1 – medium basic + GreenFibre
    • White peat substrate of medium structure for potting of salt-sensitive plants. Improved air capacity and drainage due to GreenFibre which also ensures a high capillarity....

    • GreenFibre is a wood fiber certified and produced by Klasmann-Deilmann that meets the highest standards of a sustainable product for professional substrates
  • Cocos
    Klasmann-Deilmann distributes the high-quality coir product Shakti Amla® by Shakti Cocos....

  • Shakti Amla® is a unique coir product specifically developed to ensure a stable and low pH value in growing media. Therefore, the pH value in a substrate can be adjusted to any desired level by adding lime. The organic ion exchange complex in this product is properly buffered to support safe fertilisation. Shakti Amla® provides a base level of nutrients.