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For over thirty years, Botanics Wholesale has been known as the go to source for specimen palms and trees. We are currently growing over 150 species of palms, cycads, flowering and native trees, as well as thousands of large container grown fruit trees.

Over the span of those decades, we have introduced a number of palms and trees that have now become industry standards. We thrive on the discovery and introduction of new and beautiful plants.  We initially trial these new plants in our own gardens or in the gardens of our customers (often in different climates and exposures) to determine durability and suitability for the landscapes where they will ultimately make their home .  We know our material, what works where, and we gladly share our experiences so that our clients will be successful in their landscaping endeavors. Just as many of the most respected landscape architects specify plants from Botanics Wholesale, we can help you create your unique and distinctive tropical garden.

As a two time recipient of the prestigious F.N.G.L.A. Grower of the Year Award, given annually in recognition of superior products and service, we have built a reputation amongst our customers and peers. You can be assured of the same superior products and level of service during every visit to Botanics Wholesale.


  • Export Specialists
    Botanics Wholesale is the industry leader in procurement and loading of plants and landscape supplies for shipment throughout the US and beyond....

  • Over the past thirty years, we have shipped to five of the seven continents as well as many destinations within the continental United States and Canada. Successfully shipping living plant material requires adherence to their basic fundamental needs, which when appreciated and provided for, greatly increase the likelihood of their arrival in good condition. Given our years of experience, we know what is required and consequently what is necessary to succeed in shipping your tropical plant order.

    It is not just the knowledge of what needs to be done, but making sure that the necessary steps are taken to achieve successful results. At Botanics Wholesale, our reputation is reflected in every single order that leaves our nursery, be it a single tree for a home on Miami Beach or multiple containers for a hotel development in the Caribbean.  We want to be certain that you, our customer, is not just satisfied, but ecstatic that you chose us for your palm and tree order.  We have the skill along with the resolve to make the most of your shipping budget.  We understand that we can only be successful if you are.  With Botanics Wholesale, you can be assured that you will receive the best quality plant material, loaded with care, while maximizing your container to realize a full pack-out.

    With over 100 acres, we are small enough to care but large enough to provide you with many hard to find specimens that only we grow and that will assuredly help create that unique statement.  Whatever items we may not grow, we are able to source locally from the many other fine nurseries and horticultural suppliers in the south Florida area, with which we have long standing relationships.

  • Yucca rostrata Collection
    Hand selected, specimen sized Yucca rostrata


  • Our collection of specimen sized Yucca rostrata (Beaked Yucca) have been containerized for our customers convenience.  Ranging in age from 15-30 years old, these plants are slow growers capable of reaching heights of 15'.  They are extremely drought tolerant and able to withstand temperatures below 0F.

  • Containerized Specimen Copernicia Palms Available!
    New growing and handling techniques have allowed us to offer large specimens of Copernica Palms without the risk of transplant shock....

  • Until recently, moving large Copernicia Palms (baileyana, fallaensis, gigas, macroglossa, rigida, etc) has come with a high risk factor.  Through the use of a simple yet effective innovation in technique, we have all but eliminated transplant shock risks associated with moving these highly sought after specimens.  Root balls are solid and easy to handle for our customers.  Furthermore, as these plant are container grown, they are immediately available and do not require waiting several months for root prunes.  The same growing technique has also been applied to to Corypha spp and Borassus spp with perfect results.
  • 100g Containerized Coconut Palms
    100 gallon Coconut Palms (Cocos nucifera) ready for immediate shipment...

  • In an effort to reduce transplant shock, we grow hundreds and hundreds of large, 100 gallon containerized Coconut Palms.  Pick from Jamaican Certified Green Malayan or Fiji Dwarf Coconuts.  Ready for immediate shipment to sites where a container grown plant is desired or perhaps required to meet phytosanitary requirements.
  • Native Trees and Shrubs Available
    Large Selection of Florida native palms, trees and shrubs...

  • We grow a large variety of both Florida and Caribbean natives that not only look great in the landscape, but are also best suited for our climate. 
  • Cycads with CITES
    We have CITES permits for many of our cycads...

  • In order to export cycads (as well as many other plants), the exporter is required to have a CITES permit.  This stands for Certificate for International Trade of Endangered Species.  In order to acquire these permits, we have proven that we source our propagation material from legitimate and sustainable sources and grow the plants in all stages of production. 

    Large Specimen Sized Cycads Available!

  • Red Sealing Wax Palms
    Largest Selection of Red Sealing Wax Palms (Cyrtostachys renda) in the United States!...

  • Considered by many to be the most beautiful palm in the world, the Red Sealing Wax Palm is native to lowland rain forests and coastal swamps of Malaysia and Borneo.  It grows best with adequate and regular irrigation.  It is naturally clumping and requires protection from cool temperatures and drying winds.

  • Growers Choice: Satakentia liukiuensis
    The Satake Palm, (Satakentia liukiuensis) is one of the most beautiful and elegant species of palm in cultivation. The trunk shows attractive leaf base scars while the crownshaft has distinct purple coloration....

  • Native to the Ryuku Islands of Japan, Satakentia liukiuensis is highly salt tolerant and grows at a moderate rate up to 35'.  It has shown incredible durability in hurricane situations as well as versatility in a wide range of soils.  Adequate irrigation and regular fertilization will help this specimen palm grow it's best.  While attractive as a single plant,  group plantings are bold and especially striking.  Our Satakentia are double root pruned and treated to reduce transplant shock.  We have hundreds to pick from at any given moment.
  • 2 Locations!
    We have two locations to best serve you...

    Miami Dade County & Martin County...

  • Though each location has it's own unique availability and pricing, you can be assured of receiving the high level of service at either.

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    Botanics Wholesale of Martin County

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