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At LiveTrends Design Group, we believe in the power of innovation, nature, and design. LiveTrends’ growing reach and rapid expansion earned us a ranking among Inc’s 500 fastest growing companies. Our established global supply chain grants us the ability to ensure the highest levels of quality in all the products we produce, ship to over 16,000 locations across North America, and deliver joy to millions. Our in-house team of designers, horticulturalists, artisans, and problem solvers innovate at each step of our 18-month creative cycle. By crafting our own trend guides inspired by emerging technologies, fashion, and cultural affairs, we offer designs that resonate with consumers.

Our designs are offered through three unique brands: LiveTrends, BeYou, and Urban Jungle.

LiveTrends focuses on fusing nature and design to create unique living décor. Each one of our designs features living components (airplants, foliage, cacti, etc) is hand assembled by artisans at our Orlando, Florida location. Every year, the creative team at LiveTrends produces over 500 new, trend-inspired designs. With product offerings for every holiday, season, and a stunning core line, the possibilities are endless.

BeYou is a fresh new brand for playful personalities that encourages positivity, connection, and self-expression. This affordable label offers relevant collections which explore pop-culture, empowerment, and new technology.

Urban Jungle offers plants for mindful living as an avenue to nurture life, build green sanctuaries, and express creativity. Urban Jungle offers natural and contemporary collections featuring attractive, innovative houseplants with beautiful, understated upgrades and accessories that promote meaningful relationships and healthy living. Through constant innovation, hard work, and the desire to achieve the impossible we are innovating the indoor plant and home decor industry through living, expressive, and mindful design.

Brands: Our LTDG brands -LiveTrends, BeYou, and Urban Jungle, are innovating the indoor plant and home decor industry through mindful, expressive, and living design.


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  • LiveTrends: Minimalist Collections
    Azure & Fluidity Collections...

  • Powerful and elegant designs.

    Azure Collection: 8 Designs

    This contemporary and alluring collection is sculpted from concrete and overlaid with Soft Touch surfaces. Marrying urban architecture design with glass and concrete, these shapely forms exude an unexpected tranquility with designs that are eye-catching and unique.


    Fluidity Collection: 6 Designs

    Inspired by the powerful, feminine forms and flowing silhouettes seen in Zaha Hadids’ architecture, smooth ribbing in sensual patterns are combined with monochromatic colors for a refined variety of products.

  • LiveTrends: Curator Collections
    Terrestrial and Cosmic Collections...

  • Organic designs that are out of this world.

    Terrestrial Collection: 8 Designs

    We begin with an intriguing collection of designs inspired by the biodiversity of deserts. These unique vessels will captivate the eye with their intricate surface qualities. A combination of neutral colors paired with organic shapes and textures makes this collection a tantalizing assortment of designs that begs to be touched.


    Cosmic Collection: 10 Designs

    Designed to be sensitive and soothing, this collection defies typical aesthetics and experiences. From the outset, the designers re-imagined organic surfaces and curated an amalgamation of tactile designs that capture a refined yet raw beauty.

  • LiveTrends: Trendsetter Collections
    Insurgency and Dreamscape Collections...

  • Luxurious and memorable designs.

    Insurgency Collection: 4 Designs

    This collection of one-of-a-kind items was inspired by the junkyards of dystopian movies. Referencing vernacular architectural heritage and construction materials, the result is a collection that is both thoughtful and unique.


    Fluidity Collection: 5 Designs

    This collection features unique designs in beautiful colors inspired by storm clouds and sunsets. Each product is one-of-a-kind and is created with a hydro-dip technique to produce stunning color swirls in perfect precision every time.

  • LiveTrends: Spring Collections
    Village and Meadows Collections...

  • Scandanavian and traditional Spring designs.

    Homestead Collection: 6 Designs

    Inspired by the Scandi rural vernacular, this collection is all about being pure and pared back. This collection offers simplicity, utility and beauty in one package. Our focus is on the celebration of materials, textures and functionality.


    Meadows Collection: 5 Designs

    This collection celebrates the natural beauty of meadow gardens, the artistry of water colour illustrations, a triumph of greenery and flowers.

  • LiveTrends: Mother's Day
    Elysium and Hera Collections....

  • Colorful and traditional Mother's Day designs.

    Elysium Collection: 8 Designs

    Inspired by the lush beauty and exotic, colors found scattered throughout the Caribbean islands, this collection delivers a tropical getaway through vivid colors and Birds of Paradise motifs; designed for the trend setting mom with a fun sense of style.


    Hera Collection: 4 Designs

    Our Hera collection fuses fresh colors, unique organic shapes, and lace embellishments, to make new symbols of the bonds of love this Mother's Day.

  • LiveTrends: Fall Collections
    Homecoming & Traveler Collections...

  • Rich fall colors, classic textiles, and luxurious materials.

    Homecoming Collection: 8 Designs

    Rich fall colors and classic textiles are combined for a luxurious assortment in our Traveler Collection. Inspired by nostalgic tweed patterns, classic literature, and luxury train cars, the only other thing missing for the cultured home during fall is a good book.


    Traveler Collection: 6 Designs

    As temperatures drop, our cravings of wholesome moments amongst friends and family celebrating the fall season begin. Our Homecoming Collection is a contemporary approach to this feeling where we combine traditional fall motifs across a mix of ceramic, suede, and wood for a wonderful play on texture fit for all styles of interior decorating.

  • LiveTrends: Halloween Collections
    Monster Mash & Witch's Workshop Collections...

  • One part spooky, one part stylish, all parts wickedly fun!

    Monster Mash: 4 Designs

    Vibrant colors and classic Halloween motifs come to life in our Monster Mash Collection. Trendy and full of fun characters, this assortment will be the life of the party. From magnets to centerpieces, we have a little treat for everyone.


    Witch's Workshop: 9 Designs

    We’ve conjured up a brew of modern spooks for our Witch’s Workshop Collection. These unique designs of neutral colors were made for those who enjoy decorating for Halloween in a contemporary fashion. From ceramics to glass in a variety of sizes, these witch assistants will help get the job done.