Urban Jungle  

Mount Dora,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 809

Welcome to Urban Jungle, the hottest brand in the industry.

At Urban Jungle, our goal is to curate a line of attractive, innovative houseplants and accessories that connect with our audience and promote mindful living. Together, with our 20 years of horticultural experience, and the creative team at LiveTrends, we work to ensure variety and quality in everything we produce at our 20-acre foliage nursery in Mt. Dora, Florida.


Urban Jungle - About Brand


  • Classic Collection
    Timeless and functional....

  • Timeless and functional, terracotta is a beautiful medium that adds warmth to its surroundings through its rich color while promoting plant health thanks to its porous nature. Our Classic Collection features traditional pottery shapes in a variety of sizes that will never go out of style.

    Offered in 4", 6", Tall 6", and 4", and 6" hanging baskets.

  • Expressive Collection
    Boho Inspired designs....

  • Inspired by the Bohemian style, the Expressive Collection features trendy pottery full of personality that invites a laid back yet eclectic style. Decorated with a variety of hand carved prints, this collection steps away from traditional design and celebrates artistic patterns and methods that add creativity to decorative spaces.

  • Artisan Collection
    Hand-crafted Designs...

  • The practice of wheel-throwing is truly a work of art, with research suggesting its roots go as far back as ancient Mesopotamia. Conceived on a pottery wheel, our Artisan Collection features a variety of terracotta forms that invite a sense of calm through its gentle curves and intentional design.

  • Earthenware Collection
    Tactile and organic designs....

  • Tactile, organic surfaces in rich earth tones invite warmth and charm to all spaces. Inspired by ancient pottery techniques of shaping clay by hand, our Earthenware Collection combines the beauty of raw materials with trendy foliage for a unique assortment of rustic pottery full of character.

  • Glass Collection
    Sophisticated Designs...

  • Sophisticated and always sleek, glass items have a way of pushing any interior space to the next level of style. Inspired by this elegance, our Glass Collection combines natural materials and neutral colors to create a peaceful balance of texture and color.