TPIE Cool Products Awards 2021


Tropicals are HOT!

The results are in!! Eleven companies were awarded a total of 14 Cool Products Awards. 

The 2021 TPIE Cool Products Awards is a collaboration between TPIE 2021, the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) and The Garden Center Group.

FNGLA is a vibrant network of professionals who work in unison to shape the future of Florida's nursery and landscape industry.

The Garden Center Group is a business group which provides solutions to operational issues facing independent garden retailers. Unlike a buying group which boosts your purchasing power on products of which you sell, The Garden Center Group focuses on business solutions designed to help increase sales, improve operations and retain more profit. 

TPIE Cool Products Awards

Here are the 2021 TPIE Cool Products Awards winners:

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Rose - Brindabella Crimson Knight
Sun-Fire Nurseries

Brindabella Crimson Knight brings a regal air to any garden with gorgeous deep red blooms, high petal count and classic rose fragrance. Disease-resistant Brindabella roses offer form, function and fragrance -- Modern shrub roses with old fashioned appeal.

TPIE Cool Products Awards

Mandevilla 'Sun Parasol Sunbeam'
Suntory Flowers

Suntory Flowers introduces Sun Parasol Sunbeam -- the first yellow in the Original group and in the brand as a whole. Blooms are a rich buttery yellow with a darker throat. Plants have a bushy habit that's ideal for sunny containers and hanging baskets.

TPIE Cool Products Awards

EARTH ANGEL™ Hollywood Hibiscus
J. Berry Nursery

The Hollywood Hibiscus Collection is world famous for: *Exceptional bud & bloom counts *Multi-day lasting blooms *Naturally, well-branched habits *Bacterial leaf spot & white fly resistance *Proven performance for growers, retailers & gardeners.

TPIE Cool Products Awards

Colorful Classic Cannas

Colorful Classic Cannas® Colorful Classic Canna® rhizomes are derived from virus tested tissue culture. Classic Cannas® thrive in all heat climates and will rebloom Spring through Fall. Their tropical, lush foliage attracts pollinators. Grown in the USA! 

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Jurassic Rex Begonia
Ball Ingenuity 

There are now 4 exciting series of Rex Begonias from the Ball Ingenuity team. Jurassic™ ... a new take on a classic plant! Jurassic Dino™ ... compact habit for 4"-6" pots Jurassic Jr.™ ... 40% smaller leaves than Jurassic for less breakage Jurassic Megalo™ ... 10" pots and larger Each offers a size and vigor to meet your customers' needs. They finish fast and uniform, and are a perfect addition to any indoor sales or shade container program! Visit today to place your order on WebTrack.

TPIE Cool Products Awards

Yucca Rostrata Collection
Botanics Wholesale

Our collection of specimen sized Yucca rostrata (Beaked Yucca) have been containerized for our customers convenience. Ranging in age from 15-30 years old, these plants are slow growers capable of reaching heights of 15'. They are extremely drought tolerant and able to withstand temperatures below 0◦F.

TPIE Cool Products Awards

Vriesea Happy Yellow

This Happy series with an extraordinary yellow branched inflorescence has a completely different look it is a real game changer. Also available in Red and Purple. Suitable for a 3-5 inch pot.

TPIE Cool Products Awards

Aglaonema Ultra Pink
Costa Farms

An Aglaonema that really stands out in store displays, Ultra Pink is sure to capture consumers’ hearts thanks to its bold, year-round color Each red-pink leaf is artfully edged in a band of rich green, making it as delightful to view up close as it is from a distance. One of those plants consumers practically can’t kill, it grows in virtually every home or office, adding a touch of life, a bold stroke of color, and a lot of year-round beauty. This Monstera is being introduced in a 6-inch ceramic pot as a part of Costa Farms’ Trending Tropicals® collection.

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Mellow Yellow Aglaonema
Costa Farms

Put Mellow Yellow Aglaonema in your store, on your website, or feature in on your social media channels and you’ll quickly see consumers gravitate toward this eye-catching variety. It features large, oval, dark green leaves heavily variegated in creamy yellow. The effect is artistic — no two leaves are the same, but they all grab your attention immediately. The perfect plant for brightening low-light corners, Mellow Yellow also tolerates inconsistent watering, making it as easy to care for as it is beautiful.

TPIE Cool Products Awards

6" Carnivorous Garden in a Monster Box

This fascinating carnivorous garden has three killer plants in it. It comes in a plastic box that has bilingual care instructions on it. The box also has fun monster plant graphics on it to attract consumers

TPIE Cool Products Awards

Curator Collection
Live Trends Design Group

Terrestrial Collection: 8 Designs We begin with an intriguing collection of designs inspired by the biodiversity of deserts. These unique vessels will captivate the eye with their intricate surface qualities. A combination of neutral colors paired with organic shapes and textures makes this collection a tantalizing assortment of designs that begs to be touched. Cosmic Collection: 10 Designs Designed to be sensitive and soothing, this collection defies typical aesthetics and experiences. From the outset, the designers re-imagined organic surfaces and curated an amalgamation of tactile designs that capture a refined yet raw beauty.

TPIE Cool Products Awards

Minimalist Collection
LiveTrends Design Group

Powerful and elegant designs. Azure Collection: 8 Designs This contemporary and alluring collection is sculpted from concrete and overlaid with Soft Touch surfaces. Marrying urban architecture design with glass and concrete, these shapely forms exude an unexpected tranquility with designs that are eye-catching and unique. Fluidity Collection: 6 Designs Inspired by the powerful, feminine forms and flowing silhouettes seen in Zaha Hadids’ architecture, smooth ribbing in sensual patterns are combined with monochromatic colors for a refined variety of products.

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Artisan Collection
Urban Jungle

The practice of wheel-throwing is truly a work of art, with research suggesting its roots go as far back as ancient Mesopotamia. Conceived on a pottery wheel, our Artisan Collection features a variety of terracotta forms that invite a sense of calm through its gentle curves and intentional design.

TPIE Cool Products Awards

Earthenware Collection
Urban Jungle

Tactile, organic surfaces in rich earth tones invite warmth and charm to all spaces. Inspired by ancient pottery techniques of shaping clay by hand, our Earthenware Collection combines the beauty of raw materials with trendy foliage for a unique assortment of rustic pottery full of character.