TPIE Create Theatre Online Presentations


Award-winning American Institute of Floral Designers take the stage!

New trends using elements, principles and techniques are essential to provide exciting, inspiring designs. 

TPIE Create Theater Presentations

TPIE Create Theatre

Derek Woodruff AIFD

Exciting New Ways to Sell Products!

Derek Woodruff AIFD, award-winning designer from Michigan, will share tricks and tips creating terrariums in many different ways, a program filled with Inspiration. Cost: $15

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Jackie Lacey AIFD

2021 Trends are Essential

Jackie Lacey, AIFD president and award-winning designer, shares the latest trends in foliage, florals and tropicals to show you what to feature, how to share it and how to create your social post for the best results. Cost $15

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Janet Black AIFD

Color Essentials: Creating Excitement with Color

Janet Black AIFD is an award-winning designer whose work has been published in Florist Review Magazine, Real Maine Weddings, WedMaine, WeddingWire and the Knot. In this session, Janet will show you how color is essential when exploring product development. Cost: $15

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Alejandro Figueira Fernandes AIFD

Let's Crank it up a Notch!

Alejandro Figueira Fernandes AIFD, award-winning designer, and owner of Ornatus Events Productions in Davie, FL, creates trendy designs which will be essential for 2021. Cost: $15

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Eileen Cheng AIFD

Think Outside the Box

Eileen Cheng AIFD, award-winning designer, and owner of Yacht Flowers in Ft Lauderdale, FL will demonstrate innovative and Inspiring trends when selling your products. Cost: $15

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