Booth Pricing

FNGLA Member Prices/Non-Member Prices per square foot
SINGLE - 10' x 10' $9.50/$13.20 per square foot
ENDCAP -  $11/$14.70 per square foot
ISLAND - $11.50/$15.20 per square foot

PREMIUM ISLAND -  $11.75/$15.45 per square foot


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If space is available, larger booths can be arranged.

FNGLA Membership is $380, $545 or $815 per year.

Membership information can be found at

Booth Furnishings: Booth package includes: Booth carpeting, 2 line I.D. sign, 8' high draped background with 33" high siderails and free move in/out assistance (needs to arrive in company truck, not shipped). We do not provide free electrical service or allow substitutions in booth package.